Why Is My Dog Scared of Wind?

Our dogs are used to being playful and energetic. It can be quite shocking to see your dog seem scared. This is even more shocking if it occurs out of the blue.

Your dog may be afraid for a reason. Your pet may be being affected by the howling winds. Continue reading to find out why dogs fear the wind.

Why is my dog afraid of wind?

Are you afraid of snakes? Some people are afraid of snakes. Some people are afraid of spiders, and don’t mind if their eight-legged friends are harmless.

People also have phobias such as fear of heights and darkness. They also fear speaking in public.

Phobias are often not rational. Phobias are based on fear and you can’t rationalize it.

Phobias don’t just affect humans. Others in the animal kingdom may also have phobias. Dogs are one of those animals.

Do you notice that your dog seems to be startled by wind gusts? It may not be necessary for the wind to cause panic. Your pet may cower behind you just by the sound of wind swirling around.

Dogs can develop phobias of all sorts. Dogs can develop wind phobias from exposure.

Why does my dog have a fear of the wind?

We have now established that dogs can fear the wind because of a preexisting phobia. Now we must answer another obvious question. What causes dogs to develop wind phobias?

It is difficult to come up with a solution because each pet is different.

Dogs that were rescued from the streets may have experienced windy conditions as children. Dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors might develop a fear of strong winds.

Simply put: Your dog’s fear of wind is probably due to previous experiences.

Your dog may have acquired their fear from someone else. Your dog might have witnessed their mother being scared by strong winds as a child. Although they may not have understood why their mother was scared of strong winds, they know it is frightening.

Why is my dog afraid of the wind at night?

Dogs may appear only afraid of wind at night for some dogs. What is the reason for this? What is it about the strong winds at night that causes your dog concern?

Your dog may not be afraid of strong winds if they only react to them at night. They may be more afraid of the noises outside than they are of the wind. Your dog might be more afraid of the unidentified threat that is causing disruptive noises.

Dogs who are already afraid of wind may become more fearful at night. Strong winds can be frightening enough. Your dog may feel even more anxious when they have to deal with the fear of the unknown.

How do you calm a dog afraid of wind?

You cannot simply tell your dog they are safe. You cannot tell your dog that you are there for them despite the language barrier.

Do not worry if your words aren’t enough to calm your dog. You have other options to help them. Below are some of the methods that you can use to calm your dog.

Give Your Dog Treats

For pets, treats are a great way to lift their spirits. You can still give your pet treats even in such a situation.

Give your dog some treats. To encourage your dog to accept the treat, extend your hand.

Some dogs will eat even when they feel anxious. Others may not be as willing. Do not force your pet to eat the treat if they aren’t interested. Instead, you might consider a different method of relaxation.

Cuddle With Your Dog

Are the treats not working for your dog’s anxiety? If that happens, snuggle with your dog.

Begin to approach your dog and place your hand next to it. To help them relax more, you can get them to sit on your lap. You can tell your dog to jump up and join you if you are okay with them sleeping on your bed.

You may find your dog so anxious they are stuck in one place. Pick them up and go to them. They may feel more relaxed if they are carried around.

If your dog doesn’t love it, then you shouldn’t carry them. You could get them mad if you try to carry them when they are already anxious. If you do something that they don’t enjoy, they could snap at you.

Play With Your Dog

Dogs may feel more anxious when they are unable to focus on the howling wind. You can calm your dog down by shifting their focus.

You could try playing with them.

Invite your dog to fetch their favorite tennis ball. Toss the ball around until your dog notices it. You may find that your dog will not hesitate to accept your invitation to play, no matter how scared or excited they feel.

Use Soothing Medicine

You can also try using a soothing medication to calm your dog.

Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s fear and ask them if there is anything they can do to help. Ask your vet if they provide medication and how often it can be used.

Without first consulting your veterinarian, do not give your dog medication or supplements. It is dangerous to give your dog medication that has not been approved by the veterinarian. In this scenario, you may have to worry about more that your dog’s wind fear.