Unneutered male dog with a spayed female

Two dogs are wonderful. They always have someone to play with, much like a child who has a sibling. They can, however, get into unwelcome behaviors, just like humans.

It’s normal for you to have questions if there is a male unneutered and a female spayed. Is the male sexually attracted to her? It could cause problems between them.

Can an unneutered male dog be paired with a spayed or neutered female?

It is fine to have a male and female unneutered dog. The male should not show any sexual interest in the female as she cannot go into heat. This will reduce the problems that come with having a male dog and a female dog. But, it’s not always easy.

Why Males Attract Females

A male dog will only be attracted to a woman when she is hot. The hormones called pheromones are released by the female when she is in heat. These hormones signal to males that she is ready for a mate. In heat, females seem to attract all dogs in the area.

Is the Male able to tell if the Female is pregnant?

It is possible that your male dog cannot tell the difference between a spayed or unsprayed female dog. Scientists aren’t able to say for sure, but most people believe they don’t know.

This is because males are attracted to females only when they are in heat. A traditional spay female won’t go into heat so don’t expect her to send your male into a hormonal frenzy.

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Is a male attracted to a female who is pregnant?

Unneutered males can be attracted to spayed females. Even when they are not in heat, intact females still produce low levels of hormones.

Although it shouldn’t cause a male to become agitated, it can be a trigger for sexual interest. These hormones should not be produced by a spayed female.

However, some females develop ovarian remnant syndrome. This is when some ovarian tissue remains following spaying. This tissue continues to produce hormones.

Sometimes, the female can have a heat cycle even though she has been spayed.

Good news: The female can not get pregnant as long as her uterus has been removed. If she has ovarian residual syndrome, male dogs may be interested in her sexuality.

Signs and Intentions for Sexual Interest

Even if your female has been spayed, it is important to be aware of the signs that your male dog is interested. Males who are interested in females will often be fascinated by their vagina. It may be sneezed or licked by him.

This may be a problem for the female, especially if she’s not in heat. The female may try to snap at or move away from the male.

Another sign is urine marking. This isn’t just a sign of sexual interest. If your male starts marking urine more often or suddenly begins marking his urine, be aware of other sexual behavior.

It is also quite common to mount. Mounting a female can be done by a male who is sexually stimulated. They might also mount other dogs or objects to satisfy their sexual desire.

If there are more than one male in the house, they might start to fight over hormones and heat. Even if they are used to getting along, males may decide that “sharing is caring” doesn’t apply. They may also fight over the female and become territorial.

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Can a neutered male mount a spayed or neutered female dog?

Unneutered males can mount spayed females for several reasons. It is not common, though it can be quite surprising.

Reasons to Mount

My first encounter with a male-mounted female dog was a shock. It was amazing to me that she could do this as she couldn’t reproduce.

Since then, I have learned that there are many reasons to mount, none of which has anything to do with sex. You may see a male mount a female or vice versa. A male may mount another male. Although a male can mount a male, he will do so less often than if he is unneutered.

Sometimes, this is dominant behavior. As a way to say “Hey!” I’m a top dog”.

Dogs may also be tempted to play by mounting each other. You may see them even taking turns mounting one another.

When they get excited, dogs will mount you or another dog. This is more common in unneutered males but can happen to any dog. Sexual attraction and excitement are closely connected if you consider human desire and emotion.

It’s similar for dogs. Dogs can be tempted to perform sexual acts out of non-sexual excitement.

Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

As we mentioned, the male may be sexually attracted to a female with ovarian remnant syndrome. He will mount her in this instance for sexual purposes.

How can you get an unneutered male to leave a spayed girl alone?

There are steps you can take if your male unneutered is interested in your female.

Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus may help to mask the scent of female hormones. This might not be sufficient to mask the smell and cause the male to lose interest.

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The essential oil will need to be diluted with water, alcohol or witch hazel. Apply the essential oil to your female dog like a perfume. Some essential oils can be harmful for dogs. However, peppermint oil is safe for dogs. Make sure your pet is safe with the oil you choose.


Exercise can be a great way to improve your male’s health, especially if you do it regularly. This allows him to use some of his energy so that he can be calmer. This will hopefully decrease his interest in the female.

Make sure your dog is getting enough mental stimulation. Dogs who are bored are more likely to get in trouble than dogs who are well entertained. Your doggies will be entertained by puzzle toys, play sessions, or occasional doggie television.

Take a Look

It’s a good idea for spayed females to have a veterinary exam if they are attracting males. Although it is not always necessary to treat ovarian remnant syndrome in all cases, it is a good idea to be aware of it if it is.

Spaying the Men

Neutering the male dog is the best solution. This can decrease sexual desire. However, males can still retain some sexual instincts even after neutering. The likelihood of a dog retaining their sexual instincts after neutering is higher for dogs that are older.