Rescue Groups

If you have a forever home and are looking to adopt a rescue,
listed below are just a few of the Manitoba rescue groups.

Afghan Hound Club of Canada
Canadian Basset Rescue Network Manitoba Contact:
Laurie Magorel
(204) 633-2634 website Email
Canadian Bloodhound Club Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Debbie Blowatt
(204) 654-1343   Email
Boston Terrier / Pug Rescue Of Manitoba Winnipeg Contact:
  website Email
Bulldog Rescue Winnipeg Contact:
Sherri Sage
Boxer Rescue
Manitoba Boxer Club
Geri Ganske (204)-482-8508
Border Collie Club of Canada
Border Collie Rescue Services
Manitoba Contacts:
JoAnne Nelson
Bev Benson
  website Email
Canadian Border Terrier Welfare Carole Baldwin
Lynne Palser
(204) 475-1112
(204) 895-2575
website Email
Manitoba Collie Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Hilda Hiebert
Corgi Rescue (Cardi & Pem)  Manitoba Contact
Irenne Majcher-Bader
Funds For Furry Friends Dog Rescue Shahna Rice
Dana Grove
(204) 573-8333 website Email

Golden Rescue

Manitoba Contact
Jennifer Dawson
204- 896-1678 website  
Great Dane Club of Canada
New Hope For Danes
Manitoba Contacts:
Cam & Elaine Dixon
(204) 847-2159 website Email
Great Dane Rescue Manitoba Contact
Irenne Majcher-Bader
Great Pyrenees Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Sonia Christ
(204) 757-4662   Email
Labrador Rescue

Winnipeg Contact:
Susan Trigg

(204) 885-5454   Email
Malamute Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Penny Shaw
Manitoba Pug Rescue Local Contact:
Lisa Chorneychuk
(204) 282-7583   Email
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada Local Contact:
Jim Mackay
(204) 832-5811 website Email
Persian & Himalayan Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Hilda Hiebert
Samoyed Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Sonia Christ
(204) 757-4662   Email
National Shetland Sheepdog Rescue Of Canada
Rescue Coordinators
Michelle Rogowski
  website Email
Weimaraner Ass'n. of Canada Rescue Winnipeg Contact:
Barb Williams
(204) 222-3929   Email
Wheatons On the Red Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Gail Litke
(204) 224-1845    
National Whippet Club Of Canada Rescue Manitoba Contact:
Lynne Samuel
(204) 783-5863   Email
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